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  • Teens & Mental Health – How To Tell If Your Teen Is Struggling

    All a parent ever wants is for their child to be happy and healthy. Unfortunately, by the time they become teenagers, they will change so much that most parents will ask themselves:

    Is my teen struggling, or are they just being a regular teenager?

    The changes in moods, behavior, and even becoming a bit more withdrawn are all signs that your teen is just going through a phase. But, they can also be signs of mental health issues.

    Here’s how to tell if your teen might be struggling with their mental health.

    Common Mental Health Issues in Teens And Their Symptoms

    1. Depression

    ●      Constant low mood and even sadness

    ●      Outbursts of crying

    ●      Low energy or interest in activities they used to love

    ●      Being easily irritated

    ●      Showing signs of hopelessness

    ●      Becoming more and more socially isolated

    ●      Having issues with sleeping (such as sleeping too much, or developing insomnia)

    2. Drug Abuse

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